Talk: Quinn Norton, December 3, 2015


Banner of Quinn Norton
Journalist Quinn Norton visits Whittier College on December 3, 2015 to discuss life in an age of networks.


Please join DigLibArts as we host journalist and advocate Quinn Norton for a special talk about digital literacy and safety in digital spaces.

Where & When:

December 3, 2015, 4:30pm

Villalobos Hall

Reception starts at 4:30, and talk begins at 5pm.

About Quinn Norton:

Quinn Norton is a writer who likes to hang out in the rough neighborhood of the internet, where bad things can happen to defenseless little packets. They are also places were new freedoms and poetries are born, and run riot over the network. She started studying hackers in 1995, after a wasted youth of Usenet and BBSing. These days, Quinn is a

journalist, published in Medium’s The Message, Wired, The Atlantic, and more. She covers science, medicine, technology, social media influenced political movements, copyright law, surveillance and security, but no matter how many times she tries to leave, she always comes back to Hackers.

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