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As part of the Digital Liberal Arts 2020 Initiative, DigLibArts is offering support through a competetive basis to Faculty-led Learning Communities to develop digital capacities across campus. Awards range from $1,000 to $5,000, and in rare circumstances up to $10,000

What constitutes a learning community?

A group of at least 3 regular members connected by a shared topic or set of activities for a defined period. Groups will receive a shared budget to be spent during the activity period and, when possible, a campus expert who will facilitate group success. Topics should relate to digital well-being, broadly construed (see below).

What is digital well-being?

Digital well-being, developing and/or interacting with a nurturing personal or community digital infrastructure, articulates one facet of Whittier’s mission to “prepare students from diverse backgrounds to excel in a complex global society” by empowering individuals and groups to become “active citizens and effective communicators who embrace diversity and act with integrity” in digital spaces.

To apply for a DigLibArts Grant to form your own learning community, look out for the application call in mid fall!

For more details, go to: http://bit.ly/learningcommFAQ, or ask any member of the Educational Resources Committee or the DigLibArts Staff.

To manage your current Learning Community, please visit the Learning Community Portal.

2017 – 2018 Learning Communities

Digital Co-Chair for English

Jonathan Burton (Organizer), Tony Barnstone, Andrea Rehn

Whittier College Women’s Leadership Portal Group

Sara Angevine (Organizer), Lana Nino, Deborah Pratt, Michelle Chihara, Amanda Lash

Teachers for Technology

Shannon Stanton and Lorelei Coddington (Organizers), Lauren Swanson, Cean Colcord, Ivannia Soto Hinman

Enhancing Digital Capabilities in Art & Visual Studies

Danny Jauregui (Organizer), Paula Radisich, Jenny Herrick, David Sloan

“Integrated Narratives” Faculty Group

Nat Zappia (Organizer), Ashkan Soltani, Cinzia Fissore

Digital Infrastructure for Curricular Innovation

Anne Sebanc (Organizer), Lisa Newton, Andy Wallace, Kristin Wiberg and Liaison (TBD) from EPC and ERC

Digital Storytelling

Sonia Chaidez (Organizer), Becky Overmeyer-Velazquez, Serkan Zorba, Ayesha Shaikh, Doreen O’Connor-Gomez, Rosemary Carbine, Jeanie McHatton, Lisa Ibanez, Albert Rodriguez, Lana Nino, Shannon Stanton, Joshua Haworth, Paula Sheridan, Sara Angevine, Gino Conti, Joanna Diaz