Dig Lib Arts Projects featured at Pacific Coast Branch-American Historical Association

Two Dig Lib Arts projects “California’s Golden State Brew” and the “Open Gärden” App  were recently featured at the 111th Annual Pacific Coast Branch-American Historical Association Conference in Santa Clara, CA! Check out the program:


The panel focused on “Applied Histories and Digital Humanities”

DigLibArts Project Lead, Natale Zappia, served as Chair and Commentator for the panel.

Other digital humanities presentations included: “Transpacific Pedagogies: The Hawaiian Islands and the Transformation of Alta California, 1821–1846,”Charlotte Hull, Stanford University; and “Mapping America’s Favorite Act: Homesteading California,”Josh Sides, California State University, Northridge.

Zappia also presented “Open Gärden App and Mapping California’s Golden State Brew: Navigating History and Environments in Southern California.”