As part of our mission, DigLibArts is committed to:

“foster[ing] an environment for what William Pannapacker and Rafael Alvarado have termed the ‘digital liberal arts.’ We believe that digital tools and methods are naturally complementary to the liberal arts curriculum, which, by nature, encourages interdisciplinarity, collaboration, experimentation, and community.”  

Most important in this mission is the importance of building and maintaining community.

DigLibArts is led by Director Andrea Rehn, along with two Project Leads, Bill “Master of .Domains” Kronholm and Nat “Mapping Maestro” Zappia. Each of the three lead one our long term “pillar” projects:  Bill Kronholm leads our campus webhosting service for faculty, staff, and students; Nat Zappia leads a public digital humanities initiative to map gardens in the Los Angeles area through a house-built crowd-sourcing app, and Andrea Rehn leads our digital well-being initiative. A team of Student Technology Liaisons works closely with the project leads. The leadership team is advised by a Steering Committee comprised of members of the faculty Educational Resources Committee. The Steering Committee advises on allocation of funding, events, programming, and faculty and student awards.

To support our campus community, DigLibArts offers several spaces, both virtual and material, to promote the collaborative work of the various community members. We have a Collaboratory space in the main campus library, a Sound Room also in the library, web-hosting, and we host events for faculty, students, academics, and our surrounding community throughout the year.

Learn more about our work by exploring the various community spaces we offer:


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