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Tutorial: Creating a Whittier.Domains WordPress Site with Templates

Whittier Domains is an excellent resource that students at Whittier College can utilize to create professional webpages. There are numerous ways to design your webpage, and some templates have been provided so that you can get a jumpstart on your website, and not have to worry about formatting. These different templates are discussed later on …

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Environmental Science Students Build Website

This past fall, professor of Environmental Science Cinzia Fissore and the students of her ENST/INTD362 course, “Resources-People- Innovations,” engaged in a semester-long project aimed at developing a website using Whittier.Domains that described sustainability efforts at Whittier College. The project was partly funded by a DigLibArts grant to Prof. Cinzia Fissore.

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Rebecca Frost Davis

Rebecca Frost Davis, “Digital Pedagogy in the Liberal Arts”

On February 6, Rebecca Frost Davis delivered a talk on Digital Pedagogy. Click here to review the slides from her talk. Slides include active links and references. “Digital Pedagogy in the Liberal Arts: Models, Keywords, and Prototypes” Rebecca Frost Davis is Director of Instructional and Emerging Technology at St. Edward’s University and a Fellow with the …

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Creative Commons Licensing — The simple version

What are Creative Commons Licenses, and why should we use them? In order to facilitate a collaborative spirit while protecting your authorship, DigLibArts recommends that you choose one of the following types of Creative Commons licenses for all work you share online. Click links for more information: Attribution 3.0 Unported: Allows both sharing and also commercial use. …

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