Author: Nat Zappia

Natale Zappia is one of the Project Leads at DigLibArts. Zappia is the Nadine Austin Wood Chair in American History at Whittier College. He is the author of numerous works related to Early American Indigenous and environmental history. Check out his work here:

The Open Gaarden App is Live!

The Open Gaarden app is now available for downloading on your iPhone or android! Open Gaarden (Danish for “gärden”) brings together the past, present, and potential future of your city into one visual platform. All around us, gardens, farms, orchards, native plants–plant life in all its incredible abundance–shape our homes, our communities, our city, and …

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Digital Coffee Orchard Planting Event!

Dig Lib Arts and the SUrF lab collaborated with Cal Poly Pomona, Murray Farms, and the entire campus community to plant the digital coffee orchard on 5/23.     Featuring 16 varietals of ultra premium coffee, the orchard will be a “microchip plot.” Each plant will be geo-tagged to monitor their growth. This information will …

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Digital Environmental History at Whittier

Digital Environmental History at Whittier!     Jan term at Whittier provides unique intensive teaching and learning opportunities. This January, students enrolled in Professor Zappia’s “North American Environmental History” course took part in several experiential activities, including visiting the Port of LA, working intensively in the SUrF,garden, Skyping with the nationally recognized organic farmer and “digital …

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DigLibArts Sponsors annual High Tech Happy Hour

DigLibArts Sponsors annual High Tech Happy Hour! In December, faculty and staff enjoyed an evening at the top of the Science and Learning Center hosted by DigLibArts. The event featured ongoing projects by the DigLibArts “pllars.” These faculty are pursuing varied projects involving digital archiving, wellness, domain developing, digital storytelling and worldbuilding, and open source …

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11/12 Digital Pedagogy and Scholarship Symposium

Dig Lib Arts hosted a livestream digital symposium with our partners at the Digital Scholarship and Curriculum Center (DSCC) at Connecticut College (ConnColl) at the Garrett House. The keynote speakers was Nicholas Bauch, PhD, who published the first project in Stanford University Press’s digital scholarship publication series. His born-digital project, Enchanting the Desert (May 2016) integrates his scholarship on the Grand Canyon with …

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