Announcing the 2016-2017 Cauffman Fellow

DigLibArts is thrilled to announce the 2016-2017 recipient of the John ’45 and Jan Cauffman Fellowship, which enables an advanced undergraduate student to work closely with and assist a faculty mentor to develop and implement new or redesigned courses in the digital liberal arts. Next year’s fellow is Christina Ibarra, junior in Sociology and Latino Studies. Ibarra is a Los Angeles native, and was raised in nearby Montebello, California. Following graduation from Whittier College, she plans to attend graduate school for social work or public policy.

Next year, Ibarra will be working with Paula Mangum Sheridan, the Chair of the Social Work Department. Sheridan has participated in social work education for more than 25 years as an administrator, professor, and social work program evaluator and consultant. Her classrooms span locations of California, China, Africa, and Lithuania. She works with Danish social workers and faculty to co-lead a class in Copenhagen, Denmark for Whittier College students. She is also a licensed clinical social worker who has worked with children, adolescents and their families in residential psychiatric and community settings in areas of substance abuse, domestic violence, and trauma recovery. She realizes that technology is a tool that showcases student talents and integrates the many pieces of their lives into a coherent and honorable story. Sheridan and Christina are planning to develop technology to “story catch” the decade of family and student literacy programs that social work students implement with children and families at Lydia Jackson Elementary School in Whittier, CA. Together, they will pilot and implement literacy-building tools for Whittier College students, parents and families that sustain literacy beyond the end of the semester.


C Ibarra
Los Angeles native Christina Ibarra is a Junior in Sociology and Latino Studies


Paula Sheridan, Associate Professor and Director of the Social Work Program will be serving as faculty mentor

Please join us in congratulating Christina Ibarra on Friday, April 29, when she will be recognized at the annual Whittier College Honors Convocation!