Tutorial: Working in Medium

Working in

What is it?

Medium is an online publishing platform.  It’s home to non-professional contributors as well as paid professional contributors.  You can write solely under your account, or you can write and submit to a publication.  Medium is a place where you can share your ideas, stories photos, and videos that are over 140 characters.  Blog about your life, write an essay for class, tell a story – Medium is full of endless opportunities.

How do I create an account?

Go to medium.com and click Sign In / Sign Up. You can sign in or sign up through Twitter, Facebook, Google, or with your email.

How do I start?

To begin a story, click Write a Story in the upper-right hand corner.  Now you can choose to enter your title, paste a story in, or begin writing.  If you choose to copy and paste a story into this area, make sure to go back and fix spaces or indents that may have been lost in translation.

How do I change text?

Throughout your story, you can change the format of the text. You’ll need to highlight the text you want changed and a black box should appear.  This is applicable to all of the following adjustments.

  • To bold or italicize your text, click B or I on the left to alter your text.
  • To hyperlink a piece of text, click the two chains linked together and it will ask you to paste or type a link.  This is where you place the link you want the words to take the reader.
  • To create a header underneath your title, click H1 or H2 for two different options.
  • To create a pull quote, separate the sentence from the rest of the paragraph.  This can be done by hitting return at the begin of the sentence and hitting return at the end of the sentence, so the sentence is completely on its own.  Next, highlight the sentence and the black box should appear.  Click the quote button once for one option and click it again for the second option.
  • To create a large, dropped, initial letter at the begging of a sentence, highlight the the first letter at the begging of a sentence.  Make sure it is already capitalized.  After highlighting it, click the T with three lines to its right.

How do I add media?

Hit return on your keyboard so your mouse is on a line of its own.  A plus sign in a circle should appear on the left.  Click this and you have the opportunity to add an image (the camera) or a video (the triangle).  You can also select to embed something by clicking on the less-than and greater-than signs and then pasting a link.  Selecting to add a new part (two-dashes), will place three dots horizontally.  You can use this to end a chapter or a section.


How do I publish a story?

Go to the upper-right hand corner and select Publish.  You can choose to add between one and three hashtags.  After, click Publish.  If you belong to a publication, scroll all the way down to the end of your piece, click the three dots, click Add to Publication, select your publication, and click Add to Publication.



Check out the following video to see how to use these Medium tools! (No, there isn’t sound so just watch.)

For more help with Medium, visit Medium’s support page.