Tutorial: Clickable Video is the New Standard for Web Videos

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I’m going to introduce you to what I think is going to be the new standard of web videos. Why do we sit still and stare at videos when there’s this amazing little mouse at our fingertips that makes everything on screen go from being static to dynamic? Having clickable videos will not only make your digital stories more engaging, but challenge you to think of ways they can engage audiences with their narrative.

Exaltive is a brand new interactive video suite that gives users the freedom to pull any video from YouTube, Vimeo, and Kaltura to add your own interactive overlay. Exaltive offers a wide variety of opportunities to enhance the video: adding a table of contents, notes, highlights, quizzes, loopback, photos, external links, buttons, web objects, and even embedded a video in your video! In this tutorial, I will show you some of these features. You can see more from Exaltive here.

Let’s check out my interactive video here. Don’t be afraid to click on it! I chose to use a video essay in hopes that it’ll demonstrate how a video essay can be interactive. And who doesn’t love learning a little film theory to show off to your friends?

Zhou, Tony. “The Art of Silence” Every Frame a Painting. Youtube. Published June 14, 2014. [accessed: 4/13/15]


I. Uploading a Video



URL: Copy the URL from the website and paste it into the URL box. Use ad hoc keys: “ctrl v”
Title: Add in your title
Description: If you are taking another user’s video, give credit to the video maker! Treat the videos of others like you would any other academic resource.
Tag(s): the more tags used, the more people it will find!

II. Table of Contents

The first and easiest thing to do is add the table of contents.
1. Start by watching your video and note the different sections.
2. Then press on the  in the upper right hand corner of the screen. A shaped “T” play head will appear, drag it to the moment where you would like the section to start.

Once the playhead is at the time you would like to start the chapter, enter the chapter name into the field and click “save.” Repeat until you’ve mapped out the whole video.

III. Notes

Notes Example
Adding notes are a great way of guiding your audience and adding your own spin to the video. This is your chance to draw in your viewers by pointing out what YOU think is important.

First, play the video and then pause it where you would like the note to appear.
Text iconNext, click on the Text icon and select “Notes”

Grab the frame of the note by the upper left corner and drag it to where you want it to appear.

Then enter your text in the note field and adjust your font, color, transparency, alignment, etc. accordingly.


Use the “Start” and “End” feature to determine exactly where you would like the note to appear and disappear. This is indicated by the two blue playheads on the timeline.


Exaltive doesn’t automatically update, so PRESS SAVE WHEN YOU ARE DONE!

IV. Events

It’s also really easy to make your video interactive. Exaltive offers many ways of putting your objects to good use.

Click on the object you would like to make interactive and in the settings tab, go to “Events”


Check the “On Click” box
• By selecting the “Go to Chapter” bullet, you can have your audience skip to another chapter in the video, if they click on your note.
• By selecting “Go to Timeline” you can have your audience skip to a specific time in the video by clicking the note.
• By selecting “Go to Web Page” you can have the audience member navigate away to a web page.
For example, I’m adding Raging Bull’s imbd.com URL.
• By selecting “Reveal” you can show the other objects you have already put in the video, like other notes, images, buttons etc.
By selecting “And Pause the Video”, the video will pause if the viewer clicks on the note.
Hit save!

V. Buttons
Buttons are a more direct way of guiding your audience’s attention to sources outside the video.


BSelect B the icon on the left bar and chose which shape you’d like your button to take.

Use these functions to change the button’s text, color and timing:


See the Events section to learn how to make your button interactive!

VI. Loopback

Loopback gives you the power to make your audience watch a scene multiple times. You can even put it on an infinite loop — like a gif!



Select the icon in the right bar and put it anywhere in the video (it will only appear in the design stage).


The “T” icon refers to where it will “loop back to”

T playheadfrom back to

And the Blue Playhead refers to where the loopback option will disappear.

blueplayhead     loop from

VII. Skip

Is there a section of your video that’s irrelevant? You can skip over it!


Select the Skip icon in the right hand bar


skip control

The Yellow bar refers to the total area the video will be skipping.

The blue playheads refer to the duration of the skip.


As always, you can choose the specific moment with the Start and End features in the left bar:


VIII. Quizzes




Select the interactivity option and click “Q&A”





  • Type in your questions and responses. Select the correct answer.
  • To Add another answer option, press the white plus sign by the last answer.
  • To add another question, select the white plus sign in the bottom left side of the screen.

In the right bar, you can decide:

  • Whether or not answer the question is mandatory or optional
  • When the quiz will pop up
  • The quiz coloring

IX. Publishing


There are two ways to publish your videos:

  • You can embed the code into the website you’d like it to appear
  • Or grab the url to post to the website you’d like it to appear.

pubTo get the codes, select the “publish” icon.




These are only some of the features offered by Exaltive. You can click here to go to their website. Or click out their expanded tutorial here (remember to use the table of contents to skip to the information YOU want to know).

Good luck with your interactive video essays!


If you would like hands-on assistance in creating your poster, our Student Technology Liaisons are always available for an appointment. Additionally, feel free to email us at DLAStuTech@gmail.com.