Technology Liaison Overview

Overall I really enjoyed my work as a Technology Liaison. In the beginning I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect because the job summary was so broad and multifaceted. I would say that some of the aims of the job were rather ambitious, and in the future it may be beneficial to really hone the aims down to a very focused product that has some sort of measurable outcome.

photo1 I would also suggest that the Technology Liaisons hold lab hours starting at the beginning of the semester. On one hand, early lab hurs would ensure that the Technology Liaisons are able to get a concrete number of hours per week. What’s more, those who are not as focused or able to do independent work would have a place to have a set time to do work as well as an environment to do it in. On the other hand, I found that once I had started holding lab hours and had more than a very brief passing acquaintance with Alex, the other Technology Liaison, we were able to work together to symbiotically facilitate the influx of students with Digital Storytelling assignments. Based on this, if the Technology Liaisons were given the option (not the requirement) to work together, I think there are a lot of potential possibilities.

I have addressed some of the benefits of the position in my “Why be a Technology Liasion?” post, but have some future suggestions to add. In terms of the Digital Storytelling Assignments for Motor Learning & Control, I was surprised that the entire class did not come in for help with their assignments. And in all honesty, after the screening of all of the projects at the end, it was apparent which groups had come in for help, and which hadn’t. When it really came down to it, some groups had a creative vision about the structure of their projects, and others did not. In retrospect I think that mandatory project advising appointments would have been beneficial. The mandatory review of the scripts was a step in the right direction, but even with the script it didn’t completely show the students how to make the script into an actual story rather than just words on the screen. If there had been mandatory appointments, I think I could have gone over how exactly to portray the concepts described in the script in a visually impacting and effective format.

During my time as a Technology Liaison I was also able to hone my public speaking skills. Based on the job description alone, I hadn’t really thought these skills would come into play much, but all of the workshops I lead were definitely large enough to require forethought, planning, and public speaking skills. This was not necessarily the same of the smaller Q&A type mini-workshops I lead with several faculty members, but all of the teaching opportunities presented within my work as a Technology Liaison involved the use of a broad range of interpersonal skills. The most difficult to gauge were probably the very short-notice Photoshop tutorials I lead for the students affiliated with the LEAP course. The workshop was taught in two sections a week apart from one another. However, though the workshop was in two sections, the two sections contained different students. In both sections of the workshop there was a wide gradient of skills from students who had never used the application before to students who were nearly at my skill level. Because of this, I felt that the workshops were not as beneficial to the students with the higher skill levels, as I did not want to leave the beginners behind, and provided an overview of most of the tools. The workshops would have been exponentially more successful if the students had been split into sections by skill level rather than randomly dispersed throughout the sections.