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Databases & Lists of Digital Teaching Tools

Critical Digital Pedagogy Resources and Tools by Andrea Rehn (Whittier College)
An extensive list of tools, assignment prompts, project ideas, and documentation for hybrid pedagogy.

HASTAC Pedagogy Project by HASTAC Scholars
A comprehensive collection of teaching resources to help you plan your syllabus or engage students in-class, with readings to help with everything from assessment to digital projects. 

Pedagogy-Toolkit for English by A Teaching Development Project from the English Department at University of Victoria
A course development site for Humanities courses. 

Digital Humanities Toychest by Alan Liu (UCSB)
A collection of primarily free “guides, tools, and other resources for practical work in the digital humanities by researchers, teachers, and students,” curated by Liu.

Digital Textuality Resources by Kim Knight (UT Dallas)
A student-curated list of digital tools for research and creative work. Types of tools included: text production, visualization tools, still images, sound, and video images.

Digital Research Tools 
A directory of tools, built out of “Bamboo DiRT” and based upon a wiki built by Lisa Spiro, including resources for “content management systems to music OCR, statistical analysis packages to mindmapping software.”

Archive of Previous Pedagogy Labs Documentation

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