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The Cauffman Fellowship: Faculty-Student Collaboration

This past spring I was introduced to the amazing work that the Digital Liberal Arts Center at Whittier College was doing. Passionate about education, pedagogy and innovation, I find the work of DigLibArts inspiring as traditional posters and presentations are transitioning into becoming engaging, interactive assignments like Digital Storytelling, infographics and a variety of other mediums. As …

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Just in time learning, and (my) digital scholarship lifecycle

Reposted from my blog, andrearehn.com. A Short History of (my) Networked Scholarship The title of this blog post could also be “how to embed a Google slideshow into a WordPress blog,” since that’s what the images embedded below teach. But I also thought I’d write about searching for WordPress tricks, since so many of us are using …

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Building Consortiums to Explore Innovative Pedagogies

Whittier’s DigLibArts will be working with a new consortium of West Coast colleges, including Dominican College, Whitman College, and the University of Puget Sound to study ways to integrate high impact pedagogies with digital learning. Funded by a grant from the Teagle Foundation, the consortium will work together to test blended learning models. The goal …

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