Remembering Adrianne Wadewitz

It is with great sadness that we suffer the loss of Adrianne Wadewitz, who was to join DigLibArts this summer. Adrianne received her PhD in English from Indiana University, and was just completing a post-doctoral fellowship at Occidental College when she had a fatal accident while rock climbing.

Although Adrianne had not yet formally joined Whittier College, she had already built strong relationships with members of the DigLibArts team, as with so many of those who met her. Adrianne’s scholarly interests were passionate and varied: she was an early and prolific Wikipedian who had just been invited to join the Board of the Wiki Education Foundation due to the excellence of her (volunteer) work as an ambassador for Wikipedia to higher education; her accomplished scholarship of eighteenth century literature is much in evidence on Wikipedia as well as in her other scholarly publications; and she was a feminist who united critique and activism. She was, in other words, a digital humanist in all senses of the word. Her ideas will continue to inspire us and the many, many others who read her words without knowing her name. She will be sorely missed.

Here, in her own words, is Adrianne:

Following are just a few links to the many wonderful tributes to Adrianne. The sheer number and length of these remembrances speaks to the effect of Adrianne’s scholarship, her personality, and her brilliance:

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