Pete Rorabaugh, Feb. 9, 5pm


Next Monday evening at 5pm, DigLibArts and Paul Kjellberg will host a discussion with a visiting faculty member who is a well-known advocate for open web teaching, with a special emphasis on writing.

Pete Rorabaugh, co-founder of the journal Hybrid Pedagogy, has initiated a variety of open education projects, including, most recently, his podcast “Conversations on the Serial podcast,” which has received much attention. He also co-invented the open, connectivist, anti-MOOC MOOC, #TvsZ, which was a finalist for Edublog’s Best Educational Use of a Social Network in 2014. He has given invited talks about open teaching at Duke, Harvard, Agnes Scott, and Emory.

Pete will talk to faculty and staff about why we might want to teach on the open web, what students and faculty can gain from it, and what we risk. The evening will be informal–more a discussion than a lecture–and we hope to have a lively exchange of ideas, fueled by some refreshing beverages and snacks.

Please come if you can!


Who: Pete Rorabaugh and Paul Kjellberg

When: Monday, February 9, 5pm

Where: Hartley House