DigLibArts Pedagogy Bootcamp | January 2015 | Sample Learning Activities

Things to Consider|

In using third party sites to host or conduct classroom activities and assignments, questions of privacy, student ownership of information, and our obligations as educators should always be paramount. The following resources offer information to consider when planning courses or activities that may be publicly visible.

Guidelines for Public, Student Class Blogs: Ethics, Legalities, FERPA and More, Interview with Kevin Smith, (Duke U Director of Copyright and Scholarly Communication)

Teaching Methods – Use of Social Networks, Blogs, Wikis, and Other Third-Party Hosted Tools in Instruction, from Indiana University

FERPA Privacy Checklist for Online Course Hosting – (Word document) from North Carolina State University


Getting Started|

12 steps for Designing a Digital Assignment, Jesse Stommel (UW-Madison) of Hybrid Pedagogy offers practical and valuable considerations for designing digital assignments (or any assignment!):


Learning Activities Organized According to Desired Goals|

The following is a compilation of activities curated from a variety of sources. Many thanks go to the cited teachers for sharing their materials. They have been organized loosely to facilitate certain learning and engagement goals.

Visual/Oral/Aural Literacy

Visual Culture Collages with Pinterest, by Laura Portwood-Stacer (NYU)

Radio Documentary, by Wendy Hsu (City of LA)

Oral/Video History Wiki (Esta Vida Boricua), by Sonja S. Mongar (Universidad de Puerto Rico de Mayagüez)

Poster Project, by Macie Hall & Reid Sczerba, Multimedia Developer (Johns Hopkins)

Infographic Assignment, by Bill Wolff (Rowan U)

Alternate forms of Narrative, Argumentation, and Authorship

Buzzfeed Essay Assignment, by Mark Marino (USC)

Netprov-Mobile Text-and-Image Collaborative Story, by Rob Wittig (UM-Duluth) and Mark Marino (USC)

Critical Remix, by Jeremy Douglass and Steven Pokornowski (UCSB)

PSA Video Assignment, by Terry Hartman (Penn State U)

Digital Stories or Collaborative Books in Scalar, by Anne Cong-Huyen (Whittier)

Digital Story Videos, Sonia Chaidez (Whittier C)

Collaborative Projects/Teamwork

Team Research Project (19th C), by Katherine Harris (SJSU)

Historypin Assignment, Andy T. Urban (Rutgers U)

Performance, Embodiment, Active Learning

Library Scavenger Hunt, by Adeline Koh (Richard Stockton C)

Public Literary/Historic Role Play

Folksonomies and Crowdsourced Projects

Legitimation Contiuum (mapping socio-cultural hierarchies), by Laura Portwood-Stacer (NYU)

In-class Word Cloud Activity, by Laura Portwood-Stacer (NYU)

Crowdsourcing Definitions, Annemarie Perez (LMU)

Critical Reflection & Analysis

Attention Mindfulness Journal, by Andrea Rehn (Whittier C)

Selfie-Analysis, Mark Marino

Digital Humanities Methods

Distant Reading Assignment, by Ryan Cordell (Northeastern U)

Twitter Activities