New JanTerm Course: Digital Labor


Digital Labor Course FlyerThis JanTerm, I’ll be teaching my first class at Whittier College, with the assistance of our Cauffman Fellow, Sofia Duenas. Cross-listed in English and Gender Studies, “Digital Labor: Race, Gender, & Technology in Literature & Film” will be a three-week intensive course that recuperates the work of women and people of color in the technology industries.

Here’s the course description:

“’Digital Labor: Race, Gender, & Technology in Literature & Film’ will examine the work of ‘digital technologies.’ We will study the labor of such women as Ada Lovelace, Hedy Lamaar, Grace Hopper, the unnamed women who work in electronics manufacturing industries worldwide, or the millions of women who produce and circulate content that produces revenue for corporations. We will interrogate long-held understandings of ‘technology’, ‘the digital’, and the labor integral to these spaces and infrastructures. Students will develop a foundation in media studies, technology studies, and feminist studies, which has a stronghistory in recognizing and problematizing intimate and domestic ‘women’s work.’

Students will be engaging with critical scholarship as well as primary cultural texts ranging from literature, film, new media, journalism, etc. Each mode of scholarship and production will inform the others, and students must be prepared to actively contribute to and maintain an in-person and online classroom community, while also collaboratively producing their own critical digital texts.”