Tutorial: Making a Brochure using Google Docs from a Template

Brochures can serve as a great method to convey information to an intended audience with quick and concise information on a fold out pamphlet. It is possible to make a brochure from scratch, however this tutorial will show you how to create a brochure by using the templates provided by Google Docs!

  1. Open Google Docs

Go to docs.google.com/templates and sign in using your Whittier College username and password. 



  1. Search for Brochure Templates

At the top of the page, there will be a search bar that allows you to search all of the different templates that Google Docs has to offer. To find brochures, type “brochure” or “pamphlet” into the search bar in order to pull up the various templates. 


  1. Pick Your Template

Look through the hundreds of available templates and click “Use This Template” pick whichever one suits you! If the Google templates has been taken down, you can use the following bare template from DigLibArts: http://bit.ly/dlapamphlet


  1. Customize

Copy the template to your own drive and rename it to reflect your project. Be sure to share it with editing privileges to any of your group mates. You can now customize the content within each template to appropriately fit your needs. There are you change the text and add pictures or other content that you need to provide for your audience. 


  1. Voilà!

Once you finish customizing, your brochure is now complete and ready to be printed!