MADLAB (Media Services)

MADLAB Team photo: Sam Alfrey, Anne Cong-Huyen, Shezad Bruce, Sonia Chaidez, and Angel David Nieves
The Whittier College MADLAB team at ILiADS at Wooster College in Wooster, OH. From left to right: Samantha Alfrey (Library), Anne Cong-Huyen (DigLibArts), Shezad Bruce (Classroom and Media Services), Sonia Chaidez (DigLibArts and Library), Angel David Nieves (Yale, Hamilton College)

Mission Statement

MADLAB is an evolution of the technology commons that brings together Media & Classroom Services with DigLibArts and Wardman Library to provide the campus community an access point that supports the technological needs of Whittier College. This collaboration aims to foster a technologically skilled and digitally literate community. To this end, we provide tools, expertise, and consultations for instruction, research, scholarship, and learning.


  • Circulation of equipment (e.g. laptops, microphones, adapters, cords, etc.)
  • Shared knowledge and expertise in the form of consultants and peer mentors
  • Classroom technology support

MADLAB Liaisons

MADLAB will use a unique liaison system that allows participating departments to contribute expertise and to distribute the workload of supervising and training student workers. Liaisons will commit to donating 1-2 hours of time a week to holding walk-up hours at the MADLAB Bar where they will consult with patrons and work closely with students.

Samantha Alfrey, Library Liaison

Shezad Bruce, MADLAB Manager, Classroom Services Liaison

Sonia Chaidez, DigLibArts Faculty Liaison

Ivan Gutierrez, IT Services Liaison

Contact MADLAB

Phone: 562-464-4545