Whittier College’s “Story of Where”: An Introduction to GIS using Esri StoryMaps

DibLibArts welcomes Shannon Julius, GIS Analyst for the City of Whittier, to campus to offer an introductory workshop in GIS analysis and visualization.

Students, Faculty, and Campus Community Members are invited. No prior experience with digital mapping is assumed. All you need is a laptop and your sense of curiosity.

WHEN: MAY 1, 2019, 4:30-6:30PM


WHAT: Bring your laptop and your sense of humor for this intensive fun workshop!

Come to this workshop to learn about the basics of the Esri Story Maps – a dynamic mapping and storytelling platform that can be used to tell the “story of where” in your research and classrooms. This workshop will provide an overview of the story map technology and give attendees an opportunity to build their own Story Map. We will practice visualizing demographic and spatial data about the Whittier area, so this is a great opportunity to learn more about the people we serve and live among. All are welcome – no knowledge of GIS or story maps are needed to attend the workshop. Just bring your laptop (or check one out from the Library).

GIS, Geographic Information Systems, are enormously powerful tools for analyzing and visualizing the relationships between people, events, and places. The tools are in widespread use by local governments for drawing election precincts, zoning districts, and borders and boundaries of all sorts. They also are used by industry and academics to analyze population and demographic trends, traffic intensities, the locations and distribution of effects of migrations, climate change, deforestation, and much more. Fluency in these tools is a highly desirable career skill, especially alongside the analytical skills developed in fields like English, History, Anthropology, or Sociology.

This workshop is offered through Whittier Digital Liberal Arts Program, diglibarts.whittier.edu, which seeks to promote digital literacies and digital well-being throughout our campus community.


About Shanon Julius:
Shannon Julius is the GIS Analyst for the City of Whittier. Before Whittier, she worked for the City of Lakewood and interned with Los Angeles County. She has a B.A. in Environmental Analysis from Pitzer College and an M.S. in Geographic Information Science from CSU Long Beach. Shannon is a Certified GISP, UAS (Drone) Operator, and Yoga Teacher.