Free Apps for NY Resolution Keeping

With the New Year here, many people have come into 2017 looking to start fresh and learn new things. Luckily, with the technological age, there’s an app for that! Check out a few free apps below to help you get started on your New Years resolution.


Mobile and Computer

Todoist is an application available on the App Store which helps to create customizable to-do lists to keep track of all the tasks that you have planned. With it’s bright colors and simple design, it’s easy to keep track of all of the resolutions and plans that you’ve made for the new year. Check it out here¬†or search for it on the App Store.



Duolingo is the classic “I want to learn a new language!” application. Made for mobile, it’s an easy and fun way to learn a new, or even several new, languages and keep track of your progress. While it does send you notifications to help you remember when to log on to the app, you have to make a commitment to learn. Check it out on the App Store or check it out here.

PhotoScape X


Many people decide to pursue the arts as a New Years Resolution, and PhotoScape X may be the free app to help with their endeavors. For all the aspiring photographers and artists out there, a quick search on the internet can reveal that Adobe Photoshop can be a very expensive. But at completely free and with most of the features that Photoshop has, PhotoScape X is a good alternative. And if you get tired of the free version, PhotoScape X Pro is a fraction of the price of Photoshop at $30.00. Check it out here or search for it on the App Store.

Autodesk Sketchbook

Computer (Apple and Windows) and Mobile

For the doodlers out there who want to take their drawings a little farther for the new year, try Autodesk Sketchbook! Less expensive than Adobe Photoshop CS5 and probably easier to understand, it provides a fun alternative for people exploring the world of digital drawing and artwork. The only caveat is that it requires a digital drawing tablet to connect your computer too, but it would be an amazing party trick to do speed painting with just a mouse and a keyboard. Like many art related applications, it also has several upgraded versions that you have to pay for, but the free version is perfect for the beginner. Check it out here or search for it on the App Store!



In the digital age, what better resolution to have than to learn to code? Lrn is an easy to use app for iOS mobile devices where, similar to Duolingo, you can take small steps and learn to code. They have multiple options, including HTML, CSS, Javascript, and more. You can use these skills to edit and make your own website, edit blog posts, or create games. Check it out here!



For the people out there who can’t help but get distracted from their goals, SelfControl is the app for you. Though not on the Apple Store itself, it is free and easy to use. Just choose the allotted¬†amount of time that you want to work distraction free, choose the websites that you would like to block, and then start working! Check it out here.