DigLibArts Zotero Library

The DigLibArts community is actively building The DigLibArts Zotero Library for citations and resources related to Digital Liberal Arts. It will be especially useful for those faculty, students, and staff interested in the Digital Liberal Arts. A collaborative resource compiled on Zotero, the open source citation manager and research tool, the library includes recommendations for essential reading, tutorials and research guides, sample projects, sample syllabi and assignments, and much more.

We encourage you to use it as a reference, more more importantly we invite you to join our Zotero Group and to add to the growing bibliography.

Before adding items to the library, please refer to the DigLibArts Zotero Contribution Guidelines.

Zotero Resources:

Zotero is open source and therefore free to use. It can be used with limited capabilites through your web browser, or downloaded to your local computer (recommended), which gives you many additional capabilities for organizing personal research, importing resources, linking to local files, producing timelines, etc.