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 Nicole Guzzo (Lead Tech Liaison, POET Intern), a senior, is involved in several organizations on campus including Dance Team, the Athenian Society, and peer mentoring as well as an off campus digital marketing internship with ServiceMax.  Currently pursuing a self-designed major in the Whittier Scholars Program, Nicole is combining marketing with several social science classes.  She enjoys working with technology and envisions a career working in the digital marketing world.  From social media to online design platforms, she enjoys using these sites to market and make connections.  As a technology liaison, she is excited to extend her passion and knowledge to others, while also gaining useful skills for her future.

Alexis “Lexi” Campos is a sophomore majoring in Biology.  She aspires to obtain a career in the medical field one day.  Her involvement on campus includes working at Phonathon, Peer mentoring, and the Ionian Society.  As a Student-Tech Liaison, Alexis is excited to expand on her knowledge of the different digital technology platforms and help others learn about them as well.


Maggie Harvey is a sophomore majoring in English with a concentration in Creative Writing and minor in Studio Art. She aspires to work in comic books or animation as a writer or artist, but in the meantime tinkers with different design programs available to her to refine her style. She is excited to work as a Tech Liaison and explore more computer programs, as well as teach people what she learns so others can find new and exciting ways to display information being able to share her knowledge.


Amanda Lane is a sophomore and double major in Spanish and Anthropology/Sociology. She aspires to travel the world and understand people in their cultural contexts. She finds that technology, video games, and graphics are her go-to favorite uses of her free time. Her involvement on-campus includes being a Residential Advisor, Peer mentor, and Academic Coach, while also being highly involved in Circle K International and the Asian Student Association. As a Student Tech Liaison she hopes to increase her knowledge of digital technology platforms and hone knowledge-sharing abilities through helping others.

Maddie McMurray is a Junior, double-majoring in Business and Environmental Studies. She involved in a number of organizations on campus, including Whittier’s Swim team, Sustainability Club, the Ionian Society, peer mentoring, and ASWC Senate. As a Student-Tech Liaison, Maddie is excited to strengthen her personal digital platform proficiency and help others to do the same.


Tayler Scriber is a 2nd year WSP major at Whittier College who aspires to work in the film industry and to be a professor. She wants to write and create culturally diverse and socially conscious content that looks at the history of marginalized and trivialized groups. She is involved in several groups on campus such as ASWC Senate, VPS, the Ionian Society, WSP, and Choir. Tayler is excited to become proficient in the many media platforms that are out there in the world and to help others learn about them as well.


Photo of DocAustin “Doc” Shears is a sophomore History major. He aspires to a career as a history teacher. He enjoys creative writing and studying chess. Doc is a member of the Orthogonian Society, and serves on the Inter-Society Council Representative. As a Student Tech Liaison, he hopes to apply the skills he learns to compiling historical databases and organizing library information.


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