Digital Journalism Tools

While the most important element of journalism (print, digital, etc.) will always be ethical, well-researched, verified, and substantiated writing, in digital media, there are many ways to enhance that writing. Below, we’ve collected a few resources to help review intellectual property and copyright in the digital age, and to produce visuals, interactive media, and more.

Intellectual Property and Copyright

What is Intellectual Property?

What is Copy Right?

What is Creative Commons?

Where can I find Creative Commons licensed content?

Flickr Commons

Wikimedia Commons

Creative Commons

Visual Tools

For editing images, headers, graphics, etc., we recommend: Canva.

For creating infographics, charts, graphs, etc., we recommend: Piktochart.

For creating navigable, local, scaleable maps, we recommend: Google MyMaps

Addition On-campus Help


Student Technology Liaisons