Tutorial: Creating a Whittier.Domains WordPress Site with Templates

Whittier Domains is an excellent resource that students at Whittier College can utilize to create professional webpages. There are numerous ways to design your webpage, and some templates have been provided so that you can get a jumpstart on your website, and not have to worry about formatting. These different templates are discussed later on in this tutorial.


Whittier College provides free domains for current students. Before getting started designing your own website using Whittier Domains, you need to choose a domain name. Because your site will be hosted by Whittier College, we ask that you use some variant of your name.

For example:

  • Firstnamelastname.whittier.domains
  • Firstinitiallastname.whittier.domains
  • Lastname.whittier.domains
  • Etc.

Ideally, your domain will be easy to remember, on the shorter side, avoid numbers and hyphens, and available! 

Once you’ve decided on a subdomain, navigate to http://whittier.domains and log into whittier.domains using your regular Whittier Username and Password. If it’s your first time logging in, you’ll be directed to a page to choose your domain.

Enter your subdomain into the box (as shown below) and then click the button that reads “Click to Continue >>”.

screen-shot-2016-10-31-at-5-28-01-pm2. REVIEW & CHECKOUT

On the following Review & Checkout page, you can ignore the payment options, since your subdomain will be free.

Make sure to read through the “Whittier.Domains Governance Policy” and click the checkbox next to “I have read and agree to the Terms of Service above.” You will not be allowed to continue unless you agree to the governance policy.

Then click “Order Now”



It will now take a few moments for the subdomain to be created. Over the next week or so make sure to check your email and spam folders to verify your email address. You’ll receive two emails: 1) welcoming you to Reclaim Hosting, and 2) asking you to verify your email address. You MUST verify your address or else the domain will be de-activated. Once verified, you’ll be good to go for a full calendar year.


Now, you’ll be redirected to your Dashboard. If you are directed to the main page, click on Dashboard at the top.  The Dashboard is the page where you will manage nearly every aspect of your website and its components. In order to install WordPress, navigate to the home page of the Dashboard, and scroll down until you see a subcategory of Web Applications.

screen-shot-2016-10-31-at-5-28-12-pmHere is where you will find WordPress as a featured application. WordPress is an open source blog application, and is the most used blog application worldwide. Using WordPress, you will be able to customize your website to fit your tastes and preferences. To install, double click the icon for WordPress, then on the next page simply click “install this application”.

Fill out the information on the Installatron page.

Make sure that you:

1) Leave the Directory blank

2) Under VERSION, there are several options that you can choose. Choosing Professional Portfolio template will install a template rather than an empty WordPress site. In addition to a Portfolio template, there is also a Course Blog Template, that can be used as a course website. These various templates allow you to customize your website in regards to the function of your desired site. If you want a clean slate to work with, it is probably best to get a clean WordPress install, however, you will need to experiment to end up with the appropriate format of your website. Regardless of which version you install, you can always customize the themes, aesthetics, and organization of your site later. 


Then make sure to change the Administrator Password and Email to your Poets email and to a password that you will remember. In case Whittier.Domains is down, you can still login through your own WordPress site. Also give your site a title, and tagline and click Install at the bottom of the page.


After Installing, you will be directed to an Installatron page that lists all your installed sites. If this is your first one, you’ll have one WordPress installation, and it will show 4 things: 1) a preview of your site, 2) the live URL to your website, 3) the link to your dashboard (where you do all your editing, composing, and customization of your site, and 4) a URL to WordPress help forums.

Navigate to the WordPress Dashboard, which will be listed as the second link within the WordPress application: exampledomainname.whittier.domains/wp-admin



The most important part of your website is the layout. Some sites are just a blog, some have one page, some have many, either way, the information you want to convey using this website should be presented in a visually pleasing and accessible way.

At the moment, your site looks something like this:


Your site already has a menu, a static front page, a separate blog, a contact form, and social media capability. All you have to do now is customize everything to represent you.

From your Dashboard, you can click on Pages. From the Pages menu, you can edit all of your pages, add media, create hyperlinks, etc.


Your blog post page contains all of your blog posts. These posts can be about anything, and they will always appear on this page. You can link to all sorts of other content on your blog page, so get creative with your posts! 

7. To infinity and beyond….

With this information, you should be ready to start your own website using Whittier Domains! Keep in mind, this information is just a way to get started, but there are so many more things that WordPress is capable of!