Tutorial: Creating a Haiku Deck Presentation

Do you want to create a quality looking presentation, but need a break from PowerPoint and Prezi?

Haiku Deck might be for you. At least the 7 day trial might be.

It’s a browser based presentation tool that just requires a few clicks here and there to get the job done. Their mission is to help presenters create slides that are beautiful, simple and fun. Haiku Deck helps users achieve these three things by grabbing high-quality images that have been licensed under Creative Commons. Haiku Deck then creates a database of images for you to choose from. Layer text, upload your own photos, create a chart, insert a video and share your presentation for all to see.

Where can I access it? Haikudeck.com or download the Haiku Deck application on your iPad.

Who should use it? Anyone who wants an attractive presentation.

When should I use it? I recommend using it when you do not need to display a ton of text or data. It’s a simpler tool for a presenter that doesn’t need to refer to his or her slides very often.

Here are some basic ideas to think about:

10 Tips from Haiku Deck (with my commentary)

  1. Build around one big idea (What is your presentation focused on?)
  2. Stick to three key points (Debatable – get all your points across in a simple, organized manner.)
  3. One idea per slide (Nice and clean – don’t overwhelm your audience with info.)
  4. Not too many words (Don’t overwhelm your audience with text!)
  5. Use pictures to tell stories (That’s why they have so many photos for you to choose from.)
  6. Let the story inspire the look (Think about your story.)
  7. Keep formatting consistent (YES! This is so important!)
  8. Focus on the story (Remember, what’s the point of your presentation?)
  9. Find your creative flow (I know you have some creative flow.)
  10. Connect with your audience (Make sure they understand the point of your presentation.)

What’s awesome about these points is that they can be applied to basically any type of presentation tool.

Now let’s go through some of the basics steps in creating a Haiku Deck presentation.


I always like to start by choosing a theme to follow throughout my presentation. As you can see, for this Haiku Deck (which was a presentation of chapter 9 of a book) I went with stormtroopers. Add images to your slides by clicking the icon on the left below the Tt. Type in some key words and a variety of images should appear. Scroll until you find one you like and then click on it!


Add text to your slide, but not too much text. Click the Tt icon on the left hand side. Choose from 6 different formats. There’s one for bullet points; there’s one where you can focus on a specific image; or there’s one where you just list a point.


Don’t like how the text is placed in the last photo? Click the icon below the photo icon (the first one we went over) and you can select how you want your text placed. There’s a bunch of options – choose whatever you feel is best. I personally like text on every slide to be placed the same, but if you’re more focused on displaying the image or want diversity, place your text wherever.


Finish the rest of your slides. To present, go back to your homepage. Hover your mouse over the deck and click the play button. It will expand.


There screenshots went over the most basic steps of Haiku Deck. Like I said, they’re now only offering a free 7 day trial (boooo). However, you might find that Haiku Deck is your calling so you upgrade to the pro version!

Whatever you decide to use for your presentation, make sure you put some thought into. Follow those 10 tips we went over or check out some of our presentation tutorials here.

If you ever need help with Haiku Deck, or any other presentation tool, come see a Student Technology Liaison, Sonia or Anne!