Connected Learning MOOC, Summer 2014

Making Learning Connected (follow #CLMOOC on Twitter) is an event offered during The Summer to Make, Play & Connect by Educator Innovator and is powered by the National Writing Project. It is organized in six open Make Cycles intended to inspire participants to “make, write, connect, and reflect. We take the “open” and “collaborative” parts of MOOCs seriously, and facilitators have designed CLMOOC in ways we hope will make you feel comfortable in customizing the experience to your own interests.”

According to its website, its goals are to:

  • Engage participants in interest-driven, making-centered experiences that embody the Connected Learning principles.
  • Adopt a collaborative approach and a reflective stance toward the processes of making and learning.
  • Provide an opportunity for participants to plan for an enactment of these experiences in their educational setting in the Fall.

We hope to see you there! If you do join, DigLibArts hope you’ll share your experiences!