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Digital Humanities or Digital Liberal Arts?

What is the Digital Humanities (DH)? [T]he digital humanities today is about a scholarship (and a pedagogy) that is publicly visible in ways to which we are generally unaccustomed, a scholarship and pedagogy that are bound up with infrastructure in ways that are deeper and more explicit than we are generally accustomed to, a scholarship …

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Building Consortiums to Explore Innovative Pedagogies

Whittier’s DigLibArts will be working with a new consortium of West Coast colleges, including Dominican College, Whitman College, and the University of Puget Sound to study ways to integrate high impact pedagogies with digital learning. Funded by a grant from the Teagle Foundation, the consortium will work together to test blended learning models. The goal …

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Disguised Ruins

  “Disguised Ruins,” a project conceived by Danny Juaregui, Assistant Professor of Art, will digitally map buildings in Los Angeles County that have served as a meeting ground, bar, sex club, or bathhouse for gay men and women.  Aggregating this information by tunneling through both digital and traditional archives, Disguised Ruins will itself serve as …

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