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Public Service Announcements (PSA)

Public Service Announcements or Public Service Advertisement (PSA) are generally free media, often in the form of commercials or ads, produced by not-for-profit organizations and disseminated for the purposes of education. As an assignment, PSAs encourage students to combine traditional research with elements of design, visual and audio rhetoric, and to strategize mobilization campaigns to …

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All are teachers, all are learners

Event: Pedagogy Lab 2016

The Digital Liberal Arts team is delighted to invite all faculty and staff to our semi-annual Pedagogy Lab on August 31st, 2016, 1PM – 5PM at Wardman Library. In the past, these labs have been fruitful meetings organized around the interests of attendants, so we hope you’ll join us for an afternoon of informal discussion …

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Spotlight: Anthropology Methods Tutorials

This spring, Assistant Professor of Anthropology Tess Farmer asked her students to create video tutorials in Powtoons. Check out the final videos submitted to students below! Mind-Maps This project is designed to explain and highlight the helpfulness and uses of Mind-Maps. Mind Maps are versions of brainstorms that focus on foundational aspects of the topic being discussed. The …

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WPA CUPP Symposium

  Below is a collection of resources compiled for the CUPP Symposium entitled “Using Technology to Enhance the Classroom Learning” that will be held at the upcoming Western Psychological Association (WPA) in Long Beach. Here is a synopsis of the panel: Session Chair: Ayesha Shaikh Technology has changed the landscape of teaching across various disciplines substantially over the …

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Teach graffiti

Digital Pedagogy as Transformative Digital Humanities (talk transcript)

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of visiting Fresno State University to give a talk at Manning Library to a digital humanities focused Faculty Learning Community about digital pedagogy and digital humanities. Many thanks to David Drexler for the invitation, and to John Beynon and Kathee Godfrey for their hospitality! I’m sharing the talk and slides below. …

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