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Creative Commons Licensing — The simple version

What are Creative Commons Licenses, and why should we use them? In order to facilitate a collaborative┬áspirit while protecting your authorship,┬áDigLibArts recommends that you choose one of the following types of Creative Commons licenses for all work you share online. Click links for more information: Attribution 3.0 Unported: Allows both sharing and also commercial use. …

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Digital Humanities or Digital Liberal Arts?

What is the Digital Humanities (DH)? [T]he digital humanities today is about a scholarship (and a pedagogy) that is publicly visible in ways to which we are generally unaccustomed, a scholarship and pedagogy that are bound up with infrastructure in ways that are deeper and more explicit than we are generally accustomed to, a scholarship …

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What is a Collaboratory?

While many traditional models of scholarship (particularly in the humanities) emphasize the individual genius of lone artists or researchers, often great ideas are developed collaboratively, and arise out of the give-and-take of spirited group discussions or participatory research. Such group innovation is especially frequent in our increasingly networked and technological world. In fact, employers report …

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