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DigLibArts 2020: A Whittier.Domain for Oneself

Over the past couple of years, I’ve been working on a slow rollout of one of DigLibArts’ larger projects, Whittier.Domains, our local version of Domain of One’s Own, originally an enterprise from of University of Mary Washington. This initiative was started at Whittier College to allow students, faculty, staff, and campus organizations to register for …

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News: DH Tools Across Disciplines, Anne at Santa Clara University

Cross-posted from This past week, I had the pleasure of leading a workshop on using “Digital Humanities Tools Across Disciplines” at Santa Clara University to their newly formed Center for Arts and Humanities faculty working group in digital humanities and their library. Many thanks to Michelle Burnham and Amy Lueck for the invitation and …

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Greenleaf Slam 2017

Award Recipients Best Overall: Kelcey Negus and Stella Thermos Best Usage of Digital Technology: Maya Eylon Audience Favorite: Audry Booher and Rachel Moran Best Presentation Addressing Culture: Amer Rashid Most Informative: Leslie Caamal Most Eye-Catching: Kourtney Brodnax Most Impactful: Regina Valencia Schedule for the Greenleaf Slam (revised March 24, 2017) 12:00 PM – 12:15 PM …

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