Author: Nat Zappia

Natale Zappia is one of the Project Leads at DigLibArts. Zappia is the Nadine Austin Wood Chair in American History at Whittier College. He is the author of numerous works related to Early American Indigenous and environmental history. Check out his work here:

11/12 Digital Pedagogy and Scholarship Symposium

Dig Lib Arts hosted a livestream digital symposium with our partners at the Digital Scholarship and Curriculum Center (DSCC) at Connecticut College (ConnColl) at the Garrett House. The keynote speakers was Nicholas Bauch, PhD, who published the first project in Stanford University Press’s digital scholarship publication series. His born-digital project, Enchanting the Desert (May 2016) integrates his scholarship on the Grand Canyon with …

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Dig Lib Arts Hosting “Digital Indigenous Mapping” Event on 11/1

Dig Lib Arts is co-hosting with the Department of History a major “Indigenous Mapping and the Digital Humanities” event on 11/1. The event will feature the work of cutting edge digital scholarship revolving around mapping Indigenous spaces. The projects featured include MAPPING INDIGENOUS LA and a new NEH “Indigenous American Cultures Mapping Project.” Speakers include: Dr. Mishuana …

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Dig Lib Arts Co-Sponsoring Upcoming “Whittier History Orchard” Talk

DigLibArts is co-sponsoring a day-long visit by the renown avocado grower and agricultural preservationist Scott Murray ( on October 10th, 2018. With over four decades of farming experience, Murray is involved in several innovative coffee-avocado intercropping projects. His method of farming combines agrarian philosophy with what he calls “microchip farming.” Utilizing tech and historic sustainable growing …

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Dig Lib Arts and the Integrated Arts and Humanities Program

This August, project leaders from DLA took part in a new “Integrated Arts and Humanities” Collaboration with Connecticut College (ConColl). The partnership, a Mellon-funded initiative, includes exploring the ways that both institutions can create new programs, curricula, and collaborations that strengthen the core mission of the humanities. DLA will support several of these new initiatives as they …

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