Author: Andrea Rehn

Andrea Rehn is Associate Dean and Director of Whittier's Digital Liberal Arts and Whittier Scholars programs. She is also Professor of English, where her research focuses on the long nineteenth century. Her publications include articles on Austen, Conrad, Kipling, and digital pedagogy. She blogs intermittently at, or find her regularly on Twitter and Medium as @profrehn.

Neurodiversity and Neurotechnology Learning Community

Whittier College’s newest Learning Community, Neurodiversity and Neurotechnology (NNLC), has formed with faculty from the departments of Psychological Sciences, Child Development, and Kinesiology. The NNLC’s goal is to research technology that supports academic success among neurodiverse learners and to aid the reduction of stigmas associated with neurological differences. Learners with neurological obstacles such as dyslexia, …

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DigLibArts 2020: Digital well-being for the liberal arts

What is digital well-being, and how does it relate to the liberal arts? Digital well-being can be defined as the ability to define and develop a nurturing personal and/or community cyberinfrastructure.  This goal articulates one facet of Whittier’s mission to “prepare students from diverse backgrounds to excel in a complex global society” by empowering individuals …

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