For Prof. Cinzia Fissore’s ENVS 100: “Introduction to Environmental Sciences”

Below is the hyperlinked presentation given in Prof. Fissore’s class about creating visualizations. All links to platforms and tools in the slideshare are hyperlinked.

Although Powerpoint is a great tool, and can be used to create infographics, for the purposes of this exercise, you are encouraged to use Piktochart or Only begin working in these platforms following research, data collection, and planning of the narrative expressed in the graphic (pen and paper is great for this!).

A quick reminder about using services such as Piktochart or, which are private companies seeking to make a profit:
  • Piktochart is mostly free to use, but offers templates for purchase.
  • is mostly free, but you have to pay to download your documents. You can publish them on their site for free, but you can’t download it to keep locally.
    • Workarounds: 1) You can publish, and save it after the fact, but it saves as an html file, which is awkward, or 2) you can take screenshots, which strips it of its interactivity.
  • Canva makes you purchase images, but their icons are free to use, you can also upload your own images for free. Good for simple infographics that aren’t too extensive.