Handy Social Media Tips

What are some important things to keep in mind when you are engaging with a broader audience on social media? How do you remain professional yet engaging?

Here are some things to keep in mind:

Communication Goals:

What is the purpose of your social media presence?

  • Promoting events
  • Sharing information
  • Activism and community engagement
  • Documenting your activity and achievements
  • Social engagement with friends and peers

Keep these in mind when producing content. Think about your language, use of images, references, hyperlinks, hashtags, etc.


Think about the various audiences who may consume, engage with, and circulate with your content very differently, including peers, prospective students, faculty members (both at Whittier and elsewhere), staff, andpotential employers. Try to conscientiously produce media that speaks to your target demographic and to build a network with them.

Take the time to follow people and to gain followers by responding, retweeting, etc. Use links and media, if possible to compose “thick tweets” which will have more substance and are more likely to be retweets.

If, possible, use hashtag and participate in ongoing conversations. When tweeting at or about other twitter personalities, start the tweet “.@hreingold” (with the period before) so folks not following you will still see your tweets in the tweet stream.


Keep in mind that many of the social media outlets have lax privacy settings, and your data can be gathered by the companies offering services, so think carefully about what kind of information you share about yourself.

Helpful resources:

5 Ways to  Reflect the Best You and Stay Safe on Social Media (American University)

Online Reputation Guide for College Students (Safety Web, by Experian) 

10 Social Media Habits Every College Student Should Adopt (SUNY, Albany)

Tips for Live Tweeting an Event by Movements.org

Social Media: Sucking Time or Saving Lives, TedX talk by Kristen Howerton (Chapman