Archive of Past Events

Greenleaf Slam (Spring 2016)

Angel David Nieves, “Geospatial Visualizations of Testimony: Developing a Social Justice Platform for Digital Humanities” (Spring 2016)

Art + Feminism Wikipedia Edit-a-thon (Spring 2016)

Winter 2016 Pedagogy Lab (January 2016)

Quinn Norton, “Seeing Like a Network” (Fall 2015)

Jim Groom ,”Own your Domain” (Fall 2015)

Elizabeth Losh (UCSD, FemTechNet) “GamerGate 101” (Spring 2015)

Pete Rorabaugh, “The Perforated Classroom” (Spring 2015)

William Pannapacker, “Now We Call it Digital Liberal Arts” (Spring 2015)

Workshops and Events (2015)

Workshops and Events (Fall 2014)

Howard Rheingold (Fall 2014)

Teaching with Technology Workshops (Spring 2014)

Rebecca Frost Davis, Talk, “Digital Pedagogy in the Liberal Arts: Models, Keywords, and Prototypes” (February 2014)