Student Technology Liaisons

DigLibArts seeks to engage Whittier undergraduates into its structure, programming, and research in a variety of ways. Each year, DigLibArts employs two Student Technology Liaisons to work closely with the Instructional Media Designer and Digital Scholar to support media and digital projects within the new Digital Liberal Arts Center in Wardman Library and larger the campus community. An important opportunity in professionalization and work experience, these liaisons serve as liaisons to faculty and students pursuing digital research and learning new technologies.

Current Student Technology Liaisons


PatPatrick Rubalcava is currently in his final year as an undergraduate at Whittier College. As an Economics major and student of technology, he is currently undergoing research that seeks to synthesize the two fields. While not acting in his role as Student Technology Liaison, Patrick coaches a high school Academic Decathlon team, serves as tutor for the Economics Department, and obsesses over his fantasy football team.


Nikolai Barkats

Nikolai Barkats was born in Washington, DC and raised by his television. He’s thrilled to be filling the Technology Liaison position for the 2014-2015 school year. As a film student, Nikolai has ample experience with photography, video editing and filmmaking. For Nikolai, technology is second nature. He’s worked in post-production facilities in both Los Angeles and New York, and is eager to help with any tech-based projects students might be struggling with. He’s currently in his final year at Whittier College.



Samantha Woehl is self-designing a major called Narratology through the Whittier Scholars Program. Her studies have led to the field of digital storytelling, where she is experimenting with creating her own digital narrative. She’s a published poet who prides herself on her language communication skills and storytelling knowledge. Sam is excited to work as a technology liaison, so she can share the resources she’s learned over the past two years and continue to be immersed in the digital humanities.


Nicole Guzzo's Website Picture

Nicole Guzzo, a sophomore, is involved in several organizations on campus including Dance Team, the Athenian Society, and peer mentoring.  Currently pursuing a self-designed major in the Whittier Scholars Program, Nicole envisions social media as a large part of her future career.  From Twitter to Tumblr to LinkedIn, she enjoys using these sites to market and make connections.  As a technology liaison, she is excited to extend her passion and knowledge to others, while also gaining useful skills for her future.


To set up appointments:

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Photos provided by Whittier Senior Andres Norwood