Women in Art + Culture Wikipedia Edit-a-thon


For Women’s History Month this March, DigLibArts and Wardman Library join organizations and institutions worldwide to highlight the accomplishments of women in the arts, math, and sciences in Wikipedia, the world’s largest crowdsourced encyclopedia. One of the ten most visited sites in the world, Wikipedia is an influential source for general information. According to a 2011 survey, however, the Wikimedia Foundation discovered that only about 9% percent of all editors are women. The Art+Feminism Campaign states, “The reasons for the gender gap are up for debate: suggestions include leisure inequality, how gender socialization shapes public comportment, and the contentious nature of Wikipedia’s talk pages. The practical effect of this disparity, however, is not. Content is skewed by the lack of female participation. Many articles on notable women in history and art are absent on Wikipedia. This represents an alarming aporia in an increasingly important repository of shared knowledge.” 

The statistics are striking:

  • Less than 8.5% of Wikipedians are women
  • Under 1% are transgender or transexual
  • Only about 8% have a PhD  
  • 35% have a Bachelors or associates
  • Half of all editors are younger than 28
  • Most editors are probably English-speaking, probably from the northern hemisphere, probably wealthy-enough to have an internet connection
    • roughly 70% of Americans have broadband at home
    • this percentage is significantly smaller for minorities (53% among Latinos)

It is part of our goal with this event to encourage the Whittier community to contribute to this valuable source of shared knowledge and diversify the voices and perspectives of editors to address the gender gap and ethnocentricism of Wikipedia. And on top of this, editing is fun! 


DigLibArts Collaboratory in Wardman Library

Thursday, March 5, 2015
Drop-in when you have time! 

What to bring:
Your laptop and charger

Snacks and drinks will be provided! 

Getting Started

  1. Click here to open today’s Wikipedia Meetup page in a new window.
  2. Create or Log in to your Wikipedia account using links at upper right.
  3. Keep this window open for links to resources.

For step-by-step instructions on creating an article, check out East of Borneo’s Editing Guide, or follow along using the slides below.


(Many thanks for Stacey Allan of East of Borneo, and the Women’s Center for Creative Work for sharing their resources, expertise, and time!)


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