DigLibArts: collaborate, teach, transform

Whittier’s Digital Liberal Arts Center (DigLibArts) is a collaborative initiative to enhance the liberal arts at Whittier College by empowering faculty, staff, librarians, and students to make full and better use of the digital technologies that are reshaping pedagogical approaches and transforming research throughout the liberal arts. The emerging center is designed to support and inspire faculty (by providing personal assistance, workshop training and stipends, and tools) to integrate digital technologies into their pedagogy and to foster the building of relationships with other liberal arts colleges developing similar initiatives.

Job Opportunity: Two Year Post-Doc with DigLibArts for a Sociologist of Education or an Educational Anthropologist

Coming in Spring: Liz Losh (UCSD) will speak to students and faculty about #GamerGate, gender, and harassment in gamer culture and in online spaces.

Coming in Spring: William Pannapacker (Hope College) visits campus to discuss digital humanities at small liberal arts colleges. 


Howard Rheingold recently visited Whittier to discuss the mindful use of social media and becoming empowered participants. Read the twitter stream at #DigLibArts.

Student Technology Liaison Alex Hackworth (Class of 2016) leads a FinalCutProX workshop at Whittier’s Video Production Studio.

Rebecca Frost Davis delivers a talk, “Digital Pedagogy in the Liberal Arts: Models, Keywords, and Prototypes” to Whittier faculty and staff in February.

A workshop on Tumblr as a Social Reading Tool, led by Student Technology Liaison, Erica Clifford (Class of 2014).

collaborative map project addressing children’s experiences in literacy and life, created with a paired course, led by Paula Sheridan (Associate Professor of Social Work) and Kathy Ralph (Associate Professor of Education), with assistance by Sonia Chaidez (Instructional Media Designer) and Kathy Filatreau (Instructional Technologist).

DigLibArts @ Whittier College seeks to:

  • increase the number of faculty who integrate digital technologies into their pedagogy
  • enhance the ability of faculty innovators and first adopters to extend their work further and make new innovations
  • continue to develop an interactive, collaborative faculty and library community supporting the development of new initiatives
  • utilize the network of existing relationships with other liberal arts colleges and consortia to share positive results and learn from each other.

DigLibArts is generously funded by a grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.